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Personal Bio

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David Sylvestre

Born in Rhode Island, Attorney Sylvestre presently makes his home in Suffield, Connecticut with his wife of over 40 years,... Sheila. They live and work on a small farm with horses, bees, chickens and more.  Their three children are grown, reside in New England and practice in areas of law, medicine and alternative energy solutions/construction.

As founder and principal of his firm, and of counsel at Howard Kohn Sprague & FitzGerald LLP,  Attorney Sylvestre spends much of his time preparing for and participating in court and jury trials. He especially enjoys the jury trial and depositions.

Attorney Sylvestre is the family chef and spent significant time as an artist & painter. He loves learning guitar and harmonica. He raises honey bees, loves his organic gardening and farm/yard work.  Every year the family plans a family vacation and have been blessed to have traveled from South beach at sea level to Arapahoe Basin at 13,050 feet, Newport and Galilee RI  to New Orleans La, Europe and many places in between.  His remaining time is spent with his family and several grandchildren as they participate in skiing, beaches, fishing, hiking, skeet and trap games and a family love of Hockey.

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